Seventeen monthly horoscopes

I was even able to find credible books recommended by other astrologers. And one fateful morning in late summer of , I decided to take all of the knowledge I acquired and turn it into an Instagram account. This theory turned out to be overwhelmingly true.

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Just like anything that gains mass popularity, some of the truth gets lost in translation. What the meme culture seems to leave out is how much more complex we are than just one sign. The irony in the posts that attack a certain sign is that we each have all 12 signs within us, so any shade you throw at one sign is just throwing shade at that side of yourself. So, if you are sitting here, reading this, and feel personally victimized by astrology meme culture, I have great news for you.

If you can understand the complexity of your birth chart , you will know not to take the Scorpio posts too seriously. If you know your rising sign, you will find your daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes much more accurate than when you read your sun sign. And if you can understand that you carry all 12 signs within you, you will not only find more compassion for others but the many different parts of yourself. This month may also prove amazing for matters related to property and wealth. If you desire to buy a property, you may find a suitable one this month. Your wealth would increase.

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Students may require putting more efforts in order to get better results. For your sexual relationship and romance, this month would be average for you. You may be able to enjoy your sexual life during the third week of this month, but your mood may change rapidly. This month may provide you with mixed results. The first half of this month may prove positive for your love and relationship, whereas the second half may cause stress.

The month of May would prove amazing for your career and business. Employees may get new opportunities to showcase their talent and management skills to their boss. The first seventeen days of this month may prove great for businessmen, whereas the latter days would be a challenging period. Financially, this month may prove good for you, but you may require taking care during the last ten days to make sure there are no unnecessary expenses.

You may spend great quality time with your family and feel satisfied with it. During the last week, you may have to be cautious as you would get the feeling of frustration and stress with your family as a result of some external factors.

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You should have to take care not to hurt your family with your behavior. Students may get positive results during the first half of this month. The first twenty-one days of this month may prove amazing for your mental and physical health. During the later days, you may get health issues related to kidney, legs, thighs, etc. Employees would get positive results during the first, third, and the fifth weeks of this month. Your business may prosper during this time. Employees may get new opportunities; people wanting to get a job may get success.

You should be cautious during the second and the fourth weeks of this month as there are chances that your wrong decisions may result in losses. The second half of this month may prove great for your financial situation, but during the first half, you may require taking help from others. You may not be able to spend more time with your family members at the beginning of this month.

Matters related to your family and kids may cause worry to you. You would understand the value of relationship during the second half of this month, and would be able to enjoy great family times. Decisions related to buying something may also fall in your favor during this time. Students may find this time more casual. Your sexual life with your partner may be normal during this month. During the first week of this month and around the 21st of May, you may require taking additional care of your health. You may face issues of insomnia and there are also chances of injuries during this period.

For businessmen and employees, this month may prove average and their professional life would progress eventually. During the last ten days, you may feel great progress in your career. People having a business regarding any products may have to incur expenses on improving their product quality.

The chances of a decrease in profit margin are also high. Financially this month would prove really amazing for you, though it's advisable for you not to take any important financial decisions during the second half of this month. You may face issues related to stress and frustration regarding your family during this month. You may also feel like your children do not listen to you. For solving matters related to property the last ten days would favor you. For students, the beginning of this month may prove slow, but with time, they would be able to concentrate well on their studies.

The month of May would prove like a rollercoaster ride for you. You may feel like initiating something new and adventurous, but you would have to be cautious during this period. You may adapt to doing something new or new work field during this time. Matters related to finance would get done easily during this period. If you take care of your eating habits, you would not required doing anything else to maintain your health.

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You should think twice before investing in the business. Except for the first half of this month, you may be able to maintain your relationship really well. You may solve matters related to your family during this period.

Overall, this month may prove full of ups and downs for you. This month may prove an average for your health related matters. There are chances of accidents around 21st May, thus you may have to be really careful during this time. The last two weeks may prove critical for you; you may get injuries due to accident, fire, or short circuit. You may feel like your competitors are getting aggressive on you. You may feel frustrated during this period, thus it is advisable for you to control your anger or it will affect your career.

For businessmen, this month may prove great.

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Government employees or people related to government work may get benefits during this period. For employees, this month may prove positive, but they may have to face workload. You may feel lethargic due to your health issues and would not be able to perform as per your expectation. Financially, your profit would be great. You may face issues regarding the property. Your family relationship may get a few ups and downs during this period, but your relationship with your friends may be really great.

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There are chances of unnecessary expenses being accrued during this period. You should avoid traveling during this month. The month of May would provide you with mixed benefits. You may get great results in some fields of your life. Matters related to your children, love and relationship, married life, and education may fall in your favor. You may get average results in matters related to your family, finance, and career. You may face some health issues during this month. Elderly people having diabetes or blood pressure may require taking additional care of their health.

You would have to wait for some time in matters related to property and investment. You should not make any impulsive decisions. For your married life, this month may give you some ups and downs, but if you maintain calmness, the situation would get better.

Libra Monthly Astrology Horoscope October 2019

The situation may change into positive rapidly if you implement the practice of compromise. You would be able to enjoy your relationship, but there are probabilities that you may have to stay far from your partner due to some reasons during May. This month may prove amazing for your mental and physical health.

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During the first, third, and fifth weeks of this month, your health would support you. Your self-esteem and willpower may increase. You may witness an increase in your productivity and get success in your work. The rest of the days may not support you that much in terms of your health. For your career and business, the last seventeen days of this month may provide you with many opportunities, though the beginning of this month may prove unfavorable for you.

For your business, the middle phase of this month may support you greatly. You may get hindrance during the last week of this month for planning something new for your business. You may even get issues related to court or government during this time.